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Sep 28, 2015

Of course it is. The question is, how? Many of the ways that people think technology affects us are based on shallow observations. Many people think that social media has reduced our face-to-face interaction, but many studies have indicated that for core social networks it actually facilitates face-to-face interaction. When you think about it, that makes sense. For my distant friends and acquaintances, either geographically and/or socially, Facebook lets me keep in touch without needing to occasionally commit to seeing them. But for my close friends, I can keep in touch and facilitate social gatherings more rapidly.

Similarly, a lot of people might think that text speak is degrading writing skills. But lots of studies have found that in fact reading and writing skills are better among youth who grew up in the cell phone age, precisely because they were always writing and reading.

Technology has complicated effects. Since we're just understanding the potential of the technology and we don't understand the variables that make up human psychology, all we can be sure of is that there is almost undoubtedly an effect.

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