Become a Contributor

Hi! I'm ps, OpiWiki's creator. If you're enthusiastic about OpiWiki, you like the site and you see its potential the way I see it, consider joining our team and becoming OpiWiki's contributor. I'm looking for people who would enjoy making OpiWiki better, in any way. It can be working on our topics (votings, discussions, choices), item database, ranking database, posting opinions and discussing with OpiWiki users, moderating topics and discussions, or helping and guiding OpiWiki users. It can even be, for example, running OpiWiki's profile on some external website such as Twitter. I'm open to any ideas.

If you're interested, send me a message. Note that you must have at least 3 topics and 3 items created to send the message, just so I know you understand OpiWiki's basics.