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May 15, 2015

Before, I was neutral, Russia felt for me more or less like a victim of the cold war.

Then I met a Russian and talk about the Gay Marriage with her, and she told me that Russia was against it, because they didn't wanted to loose their identity and become a progressist country like most rich countries are now. But during all the speech, she talked about what the Russia like or dislike eventhought the questions were about what SHE thought about it. So Russia wants to be free minded but it people isn't free of mind ?

So I'm kinda unfriendly. Saying that you don't want to progress because your country didn't want to is a huge deal for me.

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Jan 27, 2016

If smb not agree with ur opinion it's not make them unfriendly. The only thing that it makes is that this person have it own opinion, and if u deal as a team with that person u always will have more choices of what to do

As reading of what u wrote here i guess that dat girl tolds u that she a little bit understand u and she really try to be friendly, even if she not agree with u, and on the other part u, a bold free-minded guy, who put his own opinion to the top and thinked that only it can be exist...

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