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Dec 16, 2016

While this is factually possible, I don't think it would have been a necessary act to facilitate Donald Trump winning the elections. Although technically, he hasn't even won if you would see it from the popular vote point-of-view, which says something about the voting procedure (not for the first time, too).

A couple of factors which I think played an important part are:
- Social media becoming a host of fake news stories while also enabling people to hold their own (amplified) truths (the latter posing somewhat of a luxury problem <- as long as people constructively challenge eachother)
- The failure of media to properly inform without any bias or favoritism (for example, presenting the election as a choice between ultimately two candidates instead of four; acting on what general polls say, instead of keeping world events in perspective)
- Donald Trump's political pragmaticalness which took advantage of any ambiguity, fear/outrage and of how far both the Democratic and (during the primaries) the Republican party were removed from "what is going on".
- To me it seemed that a choice between Clinton or Sanders would mean a divide in the Democratic party; even moreso than the choice between Trump or Cruz (which is quite a feat considering almost none of the Republican establishment endorsed Trump - making the choice for him that more appealing to the disgruntled Republican voter)
- The best reason I can give for Trump's win despite the obcenities and controversies he was involved in, is that these instances fit within his public image which people have become gradually accustomed to. The majority of outrage this caused was responded with pent-up frustration by people who in their opinion had endured enough political correctness (PC) by so-called social justice warriors (SJW), labeling the outrage as "overreactive" and "moralistic". It also made him a relatively more relatable candidate to many.

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Jan 12, 2017

As a citizen of America I am sure the world would like to say one way or another their opinion. In fact the idea that other nations are interested and speak a view is part of what a democratic society is all about. I am sure that in this day and age when all our world is on the intranets actions like this are going to happen. From the media and statements of our US government there was hacking and that hacking did not influence directly to the outcome of the election.

This represents a chance for our government to develop a better way to do their business. It also is a chance for the people of this nation to start a conversation about individual freedoms and individual freedoms. Our government can not put the responsibilities upon the citizen to protect themselves and the citizens can not be responsible to believe much of anything we all are at risk.

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Jan 13, 2017

The Intel Agencies have access to a lot more classified information than we do. If they claim Putin attempted to interfere then I have to accept that, especially if I am about to be President.

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Jan 9, 2018

[cnn time line]

"While the CIA assessment shows that the Russians may have sought to damage Clinton and help Trump, the FBI has yet to find proof that the attacks were orchestrated to elect the Republican candidate, according to unnamed officials. Furthermore, some sources say the hackers also infiltrated the Republican National Committee's computers."

You can read the fill article if you wish, but basically, someone maybe in Russia, hacked the DNC and the RNC. Nobody knows for sure who it was, if they have government backing.

But let's say Putin was behind it, why should anyone be surprised, after all Obama did it. [Washington post obaba]

Using government funds. Later Obama endorsed Emmanuel Macron after Obama left office. So the scream now about interference is almost laughable.

Just another example of do what we say not as we do.

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