Some countries have been selected because they have recently made the news concerning current or potential armed conflicts, others have been chosen because they are known or suspected to have nuclear weapons.

China Russia USA North Korea Israel India Pakistan France United Kingdom Saudi Arabia Syria Turkey Iran Other (please specify) see voting resultssaving...
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Apr 7, 2016

Saudi Arabia is the most likely country to mess things up, but Turkey is not far behind and the reasons are virtually the same, US and Russia are in the list because they are the torches that can be ignited, but they alone will not start a big war. China and India will always limit any conflict to regional scale and even retreat in case it goes beyond their expectations (even if it goes well for them) - they both depend on peace time more than on any imaginable spoils of any bigger war. There are countries like Israel, which start wars so often that nobody will care to join in and make one of these a world war...

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Jul 25, 2016

Turkey and one more time Turkey. The war 100% will be started by that countries who have nuclear weapon

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