On February 5, during the Bill O'Reilly's Super Bowl interview, Bill O'Reilly asked President Donald Trump about Russian President Vladimir Putin, stating "he's a killer". Trump tried to defend Putin against that statement, replying with "Do you think that our country is so innocent?"[video] What do you think about Trump's reaction to O'Reilly's question? How would you like the U.S. President to speak about Putin and Russia?

Yes, he should try to improve the U.S.-Russia relation I like that he is not talking bad, but I don't like that he praises Putin No, he should be talking bad about Putin see voting resultssaving...
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User voted No, he should be talking bad about Putin.
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Mar 11, 2017

I don't have a problem with better US-Russia relations, but what Trump is doing is subservience, not improvement. Putin has established himself as strongly anti-Western; that won't magically do a 180 just because our President is less harsh towards him. Putin is intelligent, experienced, manipulative, and brutal. Trump is none of those. They aren't playing on the same level. Trump's attempts to improve US-Russia relations could easily result in Putin simply manipulating Trump to his own ends, as, to some extent, he already did during the election. Once we get a leader who we know can hold his own in Putin's arena, then I'm all for better diplomacy. But trying to throw an inexperienced emotional leader against an experienced stoic one who's established himself as our enemy, is a recipe for disaster.

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