On February 10, Hundreds of thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets of Tehran to celebrate the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and respond to US President Donald Trump’s recent statements regarding the Muslim state. Some were burning the American flag, carried lynched effigies of Trump, some chanted and carried banners reading "Death to America."

Yes No, but every Iranian immigrant should be extreme vetted No, the U.S. should treat Iranians as citizens from any other country see voting resultssaving...
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May 21, 2017

No. Immigrants from Iran are most probably the people who disagree with such protesters. I should also point out that even "hundreds of thousands of protesters" are a small minority in a country of 79 million people. Protestors make the news a lot. What doesn't make the news as often (if at all) are the opinions of those who do not take to the street in protest. They may or may not hold opinions similar to the protesters.

What you don't see on the news can be as significant as what you do see. The city where I live is prone to occasional flooding in certain low elevations and river-adjacent stretches of land. If you only looked at news reports, you would think that the entire city was underwater because the flooded parts of town are what make the news. However, the reality is that it's only a small part of the city that floods every fifteen years or so, but nobody reports on the vast majority of the city being perfectly fine because that doesn't make an exciting news story. Likewise, Iranian protesters burning effigies make exciting news stories while the majority of people going about their normal, rational lives do not.

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