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Sep 15, 2016

I said I'd rather it be yes. The reason for this is because I have a rather romantic idea for the universe. its not grounded in any specific religion that I know of, though some of it is inspired by established beliefs.

To start off I'll have to set up:
Sentience is a burden, especially if you're omnipotent and omniscient. The only thing worse than dying is living forever. Becoming a God is literally a fate worse than immortality, and here is why. Imagine outliving everything, knowing every possible outcome of not only everyone else's actions and thoughts, but your own. Sure it sounds like fun, but that would get incredibly boring.

Knowing everything-- the future included-- would entail that you know your own future thoughts and actions before you do them. You would have nothing to live for since everything you could create and do has already been done.
I think if you became an omnipotent/omniscient god right now, you'd instantly obliterate yourself.

Anyways, in this idea there was a god. One essence that began the universe. It became tragically bored (probably instantly) and decided to end its sentience (omnipotence means you'd even be able to kill yourself, maybe even irrevocably) and instead make all that there is now. Matter, energy, the laws of the universe, etc. He knew exactly what would happen down to the minutest detail, but the thing is now he doesn't.

Now he is here. We are here. We (and everything else) are fragments of an omnipotent/omniscient being whose last gift to himself/us was the gift of an endless experience. We are the fragments of a god exploring its infinite self. No matter what we learn or what we discover there will always be something new. What he had before was omnipotence, but what he/we have now is so much better, and I find that beautiful. Perhaps one day, since we are the fragments of god and that sentience it had, could prove this and solve the puzzle. Perhaps one day the universe will collapse back in on itself and recreate the original being, but why would it? He's having way too much fun right now experiencing life.

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