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Feb 5, 2016

Yes, I hate it when the bible thumper get up on their high horse and say the bible says this, (of course they ignore all the parts of the bible that they don't want to follow).

It makes me wonder if people even read the bible, the bible is fine with slavery, and in fact you can sell you daughter into slavery and the bible is OK with it. Exodus 21:7, the killing of the first born Exodus 11:5, wow that's a kind and loving god, kill someone who can't even make the law of the land, or a killing babies, killing non-believers, witches, etc.

I know they say that's the old testament, but Jesus said he was there not to replace the laws of his father, but fulfill them so the old testament in still in force.

I know we'll never get religion out of politics, their voting block is too big, unless you happen to be Muslim of course, or Jewish, their voting block is really too small for them to have much influence except on the local level. And when a non-Christian group does start to gain power on the local level, you should hear the Christians scream. They are more than happy to point out the flaw in any religion except their own, that holds true for most followers of any religion, they are blind to the failing of their religion, while take great offense at the flaws of another. And that's the big reason to keep religion out of politics, it creates tension when we should be working toward an agreement that is fair to everyone.

Take the abortion issue, there are plenty of religions that are fine with it, so religious objections should be discounted, and the question should be at what point if any should abortion be illegal? After all if you don't want an abortion don't have one, who are YOU to say what is best for another person?

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