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Feb 5, 2016

Yes, within limits.

No right is axiomatic. All rights have to be balanced against each other.

Even if controlling guns were to reduce crime in the abstract, that is not in and of itself a justification to take away a right.

However, the right to own something that is designed to kill has to be regulated to some degree. And no one disputes this score: Virtually no one argues that the average citizen should be allowed to own a nuclear weapon or a tank. The debate is over something that the average person should reasonably be able to own.

Guns are like cars: Your ownership of them impacts my safety. For this reason, I believe guns should be licensed and regulated, but not banned. The costs to liberty are far too extreme for the benefits for society and the right to safety.

But what is utterly crucial is that the existence of private gun ownership is not used as a replacement for police. Privatizing security is wrong.

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