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Feb 4, 2016

Yes, for very narrow purposes.

Drones with thermal cameras should not be used pursuant to Kyllo v. United States. (I'm not sure about the case law in other countries, but it seems that in general thermal cameras are too indiscriminate, prone to abuse, and clearly violate the idea of what would be in a reasonable plain sight).

There must be incredibly strong safeguards against privacy violations, and for law enforcement there must be a clear, transparent, and recorded process for how drones are used. Warrants should be obtained in the vast majority of instances. Abuse has to be strongly deterred.

Rules for data retention must be very clear and very restrictive.

Policies should be overwhelmingly decided by legislatures and the public. Police should be very clear about any additional policies they may implement. There must be a clear culture of transparency and community relations.

Noise issues, safety concerns, and so forth should be dealt with carefully as well.

And under no circumstances should drones be outfitted with weapons of any kind.

For additional reading, I recommend the ACLU's overview, which I find to be very reasonable.

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