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Nov 17, 2015

If the West would stay out of the Israel - Palestine conflict it would end. The problem is the West halts the conflict just before Israel defeats those causing the problem. I would guess the general population of Gaza would live in peace with Israel if Hamas and the other small trouble making were removed from power. All the West Bank and Gaza has to do is quit attacking Israel. If they had stopped attacking years ago the West Bank government would be in control instead of Israel troops and settlements. The reason those in power do it is so they can stay in power. Hamas is a bully and when you let a bully go unchecked they get worse. Hamas is being supplied and support by Iran. If it was not for Iran this flareup may have never started.

A good example of what I am saying is when Hezbollah started the war with Israel they were almost defeated but the West stepped in and saved Hezbollah. Israel lived up to it's promises but Hezbollah use the peace to rebuild and become more dangerous. The West makes the mistake of trying to make war clean, nice and played with a set of rules. The bullies in the world can do anything but the other side has to play by a set of rules.

I hope the general Palestinian population can find a leadership that will let them live in peace with Israel and reach their greatest potential.

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