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Oct 13, 2015

Yes. And the whole world should join their forces.

We have come upon an enemy whose plan is the total assimilation and/or destruction of those who oppose them. They will never stop unless we do something about it. The chaos they have caused is now spreading all around the planet. If we don't act now, they will keep growing. We must stop this at once!

The problem is that they are mostly active in countries who lack sufficient funds, armament and manpower to eradicate them. Plus, the governments in these regions are quite unorganized, if not incompetent or careless. Rich countries have a responsability to help the civilians who are left with close to nothing and are being subjected to atrocities. It is our duty as human beings to protect other human beings to ensure the human race can keep going forward, and send a clear message that we are all united against extremist groups such as ISIS. And if we must violate the sovereignty of certain countries who are financing them by doing so, then so be it.

Whilst it can be true that in the past UK/US armies have caused chaos, we must not forget that the lack of direct actions can also lead to chaos.

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Oct 8, 2015


I am not categorically against the idea. But it cannot be a UK/US-led operation. Those countries demonstrated that they cannot be trusted for the better part of a decade when it came to Iraq. The 2003 invasion was illegal, immoral and made the world a more dangerous place. Even if the US and UK could stop ISIS today, it would only touch off more anti-Western, violent sentiment and resentment.

US and UK forces could participate under the behest of some kind of regional alliance or under the auspices of a UN mission to create peacekeeping, enforce international law and take war criminals to justice. It'd still be the height of hypocrisy as long as, say, George W. Bush was not also being taken to justice, but it'd at least be plausible enough.

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Nov 13, 2015

you have to consider the two generals who lost thier jobs because they told the prez not to bring them back, and also against the advisement of the soldiers themselves that were on the ground fighting. they should not have been prematurely extracted, as this was the window the terrorist needed to regroup and hit back {after were gone of course}. those innocent ppl that are dying over ther - thier blood is on our hands. we know 1st hand what happens when you pull out before its finished- vietnam ring a bell? i wouldnt want my son to die in some 3rd world country , but if he joins the service thats a chance he takes, and i can respect that. all i can hope is if he dies it wasnt for nothing,like the 4-5 thousand we lost just to pull out and let these dirtbags form isis.

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