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Sep 28, 2015

On average, antidepressants improve peoples' lives markedly.

There are unfortunately a lot of cases of psychotropic medication being pushed for off-label uses. The close relationship between pharmaceutical companies and many doctors is a serious problem. Overdiagnosis and overmedication is an issue in the psychiatric industry.

But in most cases, a person who is depressed would benefit from an SSRI, SNRI, SMS/SPARI, TCA, MAOI, etc. For many people I know, it was the only thing that worked at all for their needs.

In my mind, an antidepressant is like insulin to a diabetic. The diabetic still has to make life changes to be really healthy and happy. But that insulin is crucial to give them the ability to do that. An antidepressant won't make you happy, but it can make many capable of being anything but sad, anxious and empty.

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