Keeping in mind that the normal threshold for a person to be given treatment against his will is "when said person can no longer function, or does more harm than good to himself and people around him", what should be done with a person whose mind is unstable in a way that makes him feel unwell, but also (or maybe because of it) is gifted (as in, is a genius)? Should it be given treatment against his will? Be allowed to "suffer in peace" until the end of its days? Some other choice?

See also: "Do you think genius is linked with mental instability?" and "What is better to preserve? Mental stability or creativity?"

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Jul 3, 2016

No they shouldn't be treated against their will, as long as they are no danger to themselves or others, it should be their choice. They may be happy to deal with whatever instability they have.

Let's say for example we have someone who's a musically genius, and suffer from extreme social phobia, in public this person feels judged, like they're going to be sick at any moment, doesn't deal well with others, etc. Yet, this same person find a beauty in music the you can't understand, would it be fare to take that away from that person, if they felt it was worth it?

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