To adjust the immigration status of certain Venezuelan nationals who are in the United States. More:

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May 22, 2016

This Act should not pass these people are taking up homes by having 20 people in one home and real estate to surge which mears the comom American can not buy a home. They don't work because most can't do the jobs that Mexicans do,it is too much for them. They have had servants their whole life which means to clean,cook, or do manual labor is out of the question. Cubans and Venezuelans should not be exempt,no excuses endure what everyone else does. Be equals you are not special.

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Oct 19, 2015

I will admit, I may have some bias on this subject, as my father and by extension, half my family, are Venezuelan. I also held Venezuelan citizenship in the past, though I am not certain if that still remains true today (it's a bit iffy).

Regardless, my family in Venezuela has suffered under the ever increasingly oppressive and erratic government in Venezuela and several have tried to claim asylum due to that situation. This bill, should it become law, will give them and many others a degree of hope and refuge in the United States, and will help increase support for America among ex-pats and refugees who are coming to escape the harsh conditions in Venezuela.

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