The 2016 Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign focused heavily on getting the Latino vote, presenting the now President-elect Donald Trump as a very bad choice for Latino voters. It seems that most of the mainstream media was presenting Trump in an unfavorable light in that matter as well. Yet, according to CNN exit polls, Trump ended up doing better among Latino voters than the 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney – 29% to the 27% of the Romney's Latino vote.[source] Why do you think Trump performed better among Latino voters than Romney?

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Nov 12, 2016

Because Latino's aren't automatically illegal immigrants - the group which I believe Trump was actually aiming at when piling them all in one stack under the name of 'bad hombres' and the like. I've heard somewhere (I think in a TV interview [with a sample of the Latino voting demographic]) that legal immigrants (especially Latino's) want illegal immigrants to be dealt with; since they've actually put in the work to earn their keep (or at least their legal status), when the latter mentioned haven't.

On the comparison with Romney I have no answer, as I am unaware of his campaign at the time.

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