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Futbol Club Barcelona, also known as Barcelona and familiarly as Barça, is a professional football club, based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Founded in 1899 by a group of Swiss, English and Catalan footballers led by Joan Gamper, the club has become a symbol of Catalan culture and Catalanism, hence the motto "Més que un club" (More than a club). Unlike many other football clubs, the supporters own and operate Barcelona. It is the second most valuable sports team in the world, worth $3.2 billion, and the world's fourth richest football club in terms of revenue, with an annual turnover of €484.6 million. The official Barcelona anthem is the "Cant del Barça", written by Jaume Picas and Josep Maria Espinàs. More: en.wikipedia.org.

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Jul 22, 2015

I think this team has a lack in middle.. Messi is everybody, but if they have a guy like Paul Pogba, they can be the club the most dangerous for all others.. I think they have to change the defense line too.. Claudio bravo is not bad. But Jeremy matthieu... WTH is this guy ? One genius idea when he did several bad plays before...

They need a defender like Puyol. One that can replace him.. Not like Sergio ramos, playing too much on faults.

That's my opinion :)

Sorry if i did mistakes. I don't master all my thoughts and translate these. into english.

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