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Jan 16, 2016

The militarization of the American police force is one of the most frightening things allowed in the United States by it's citizenry in, possibly, the entire time the United States has been a country.

The mission of ANY domestic police force is to "protect and serve", and with the uncalled for militarization occurring, the mission has been perverted to "subjugate and quash".

There are certain RARE instances where it would be beneficial for a police department (sheriff's department, constabulary...) to know and use some military tactics, but there is ZERO need for the police to have military type (assault) equipment nor to be a covert police force.

The military policing the United States runs contrary to both the founding father's doctrines and to the continued well being of the citizenry of these states.

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Feb 5, 2016

I would call slavery and the genocide of Native Americans more frightening, but I concur that the militarization of police has nightmarish implications. It's scary how much people don't realize that cops who look like soldiers is the kind of thing you see in a fascist regime.

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