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Oct 30, 2015

On the one hand, too many abortions are obtained for reasons amounting to, "Well, on second thought, maybe not..." Perhaps planning ahead and not making a fetus face the consequences of your actions would be in order. Maybe that should be the basic law.

On the other hand:

  1. Planned Parenthood does tons of vital stuff unrelated to abortion, including things (like providing contraceptives) that lessen the frequency of abortions. The nation is better off for these services, and pro-life organizations have not provided an alternative supply of them.
  2. Abortions are and should be legal and available in cases where the woman's sexual consent was violated, or where unforseeable circumstances (like rare childbirth complications or genetic disorders) put mother and/or child in extreme danger. Federal funds are wisely spent on abortion services in such exceptional cases. Defunding the rest of Planned Parenthood intends to leave that untouched if and only if Planned Parenthood ceases providing abortions whenever they are legal. Planned Parenthood would be betraying its principles if it did that; it's going to continue providing all legal abortions in order to maintain women's legal rights. That's not gonna happen; that it will function as a defunding, not a regulation, seems obvious to me.
  3. The law is hard, but it is the law. Abortion is legal; that's the law. If you (like me) don't like it, advocate for change. If you don't want creeping, incremental erosion of freedoms you support, don't support creeping, incremental erosions as a tactic.
  4. Are you really arguing that a non-profit abortion clinic is worse than a for-profit alternative? Even if abortion is murder, a murder-for-profit industry is worse than a non-profit semi-charitable murder organizaton. Planned Parenthood is not the worst of the worst
Pro-life though I am, I am opposed to defunding Planned Parenthood.
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