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Aug 21, 2015

So, we all know what will happen in a zombie apocalypse and the measurements that we have to take on surviving it. But not many realize that it's hard to actually survive one. They think of that because let's be honest we all played Dead Island and we pretty much nailed the game in a couple of days or even hours and some think it's the same as the video game, that you are going to collect things, craft things, gather supplies, do missions and try not to die by killing zombies. To be honest, just because you played a zombie survival video games doesn't mean that you are going to live as well in real-life. What I am about to discuss in this topic is how you will survive if a zombie apocalypse does happen someday.

Alright, first things first, the anatomy of a zombie. A zombie it's basically a dead human that came back to life because scientists thought it would be cool to research new things and led into bringing the dead back to life. And of course, as we all saw in all kinds of movies and tv series you always shoot or hit a zombie in the head, because a body can't function without a brain, just how you control a character in a video game or how you play an instrument, in other words you are the brain. Zombies are also very sensible to sound, they can hear the slightest sound in a close range and immediately go there. And as we all know, zombies are slow, they sometimes run and they are idiotic ,now you are wondering why are you reading this again.

Second, it's rather obvious that you can't fight a zombie without a weapon, fists will not inflict lethal damage to a zombie ,unlike a baseball bat or a gun. But there's also the fact that zombies are sensible to sound, that makes the use of guns idiotic because it will not only attract other zombies but what if you run out of ammo? See the problem? Instead using a metal bar or a baseball bat or even something than can be used that it's not a gun it's better. I'm not telling you that The Walking Dead it's not logical because most of them use guns. There are also grenades that you can throw from a distance so zombies will be attracted to that direction that the explosion came from instead of searching for you.

Moving on, supplies. The three most important things in surviving it's water, food and sleep. The simple reasons is that you can't fight when you are dehydrated, hungry or without sleep. It will only increase the chance of you getting eaten by zombies. But I'm not telling you to carry with you 5 bottles of water, a year's supply of food and your own personal bed. There's also the chance that you might find supplies in abandoned buildings or a store. If you are lucky enough you could find supplies that are necessary.

Another important thing is traveling in a team. The main reason is that even though you told your buddies that you will totally survive in a zombie apocalypse just because you have a large collection of knives or that you don't eat a lot and that you can stay awake until morning it's not logical if you really think about it. So, in a team you have each other's back, you kill zombies together and help each on not getting eaten by zombies. You always have to divide food equally and same goes for water. You really don't want to run out of those two main supplies. There's also a solution on eating each other in case you run out of food and drinking your own urine but that's rather insane on eating comrades and drinking your own urine.

But, what would you do when a close-friend gets beaten? When you have no idea what to do because your friend that you knew since you were a kid and spend most of the time with playing video games is going to turn into a flesh eating monster in just a couple of minutes? Would you shoot him in the head or would you let him live and see what happens? Or would you make yourself believe that he will eventually stay human and not turn into a zombie? Most probably he will turn into a zombie and try to eat you while you gather the courage to kill him.

Lastly, regarding the things I mentioned there's probably nothing else to discuss, except the fact that there is a chance that a zombie apocalypse may occur due to the new discoveries happening every day by scientists. And of course thanks for reading.

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Aug 23, 2015

To this general outline of apocalypse survival guiding some details can be added:

- Direction
Now that the issue of zombie infestation has been brought out (by the government or neigbourhood watch) the problem of direction comes to mind. Where to go? Is it realistic to assume that a safer place exists? What is known about the magnitude of this epidemic? Which option yields results of a higher effectivity: fight or flight? As the topic of ammo and self-defense has been previously researched, the possibility of flight still needs to be explored.

- Grouping
Keep in mind that humans are group animals. Without teamwork, our species would not have made it this far. The acts of social exclusion and banishment of the ones who are considered as social pariahs are the most damaging to anyone[1], and before this option is considered one needs to check whether perceived enemies among the non-zombies are worth excluding, as every being has the potential to contribute to a higher cause. Establish this cause - see who supports and want to maintain it, and most importantly: is able to carry this out.

At this point, which of the following options has higher priority: the survival of the human species in general, or keeping to your kin? The answer to this question depends on how far this infestation has progressed. Leave no room for old grudges and personal agenda's; this is about serving mankind. Accept that people are stronger and weaker than you.

Determine a maximum number of people to the group. This may seem coldhearted and factual, but the larger the group, the harder it will be to keep oversight - which is one of the threats to human survival. Remember that in a zombie apocalypse, the one opposing group against the undead is the human race itself. The one factor dividing humans from zombies is humanity, so trust eachother.

- Communication
Communicate problems and solutions. Set boundaries. Make time for a round of periodical Q&A on pre-determined points of time, with exceptions made for crises. As zombies don't move that quick, but have more of a psychological effect on humans (mainly fear of what is not to be known and being outnumbered), expect a continuing feeling of unease. Zombies are not to be bargained with: their mind can't be changed as they no longer posess one.

- Safety
As WeirdOtaku[2] already stated, after food and water sleep is the most important key to survival. Regularity is the best way to achieve this. Even in the face of an inhumane apocalypse, try to keep to a schedule. Be aware of the fact that you still survived, and be grateful - even after losing others. It's in this state of mind that you are truly capable of helping and protecting others. Think of those instructions on the airplane, with the parent applying an oxygen-mask on herself before administering it to her child in the event of extreme turbulence or worse.[3] This attitude may appear self-centered, but when faced by undead beings devoid of a self it's the key mindset for human survival. It's not "me first and no one else"; it's "me first and then you".

- Territorial disputes
Depending on perceived safety (which ultimately differentiates and manifests itself differently per human), sooner or later some individuals might lose faith in the cause or belief in a different one altogether. With different beliefs, different interests exists, and under these kinds of pressures such interests are defended more adamantly. It is admittedly tiresome to fight among yourselves while defending yourself against the unknown. Allow yourself a moment to feel sad and angry about it.

- Law
As tempting as it may seem, a zombie apocalypse should not serve as an excuse for law-breaking and other forms of illegal/inhumane opportunism. The idea that it is civilization which seperates humans from animals is even more applicable during a zombie apocalypse, since (as mentioned above) it is (lack of) humanity that seperates zombies from humans. The human race is now preyed upon, and one of its last defenses is to uphold/maintain (social) structure and order. If you experience authority (figures) as problematic, understand that this is one of those situations when you need to accept and follow instructions in light of the greater scheme of things. Blood Drive: a brutal racegame featuring zombies and strippers. It’s the entertainment sport for a twisted new age: contestants in weaponized cars battle the undead and each other in an orgy of ultra violence. [Shaun] of the Dead meets Mad Max in Death Race, set amongst the sinful and greedy fallout aftermath of a zombie-infested Vegas-like city. You have stepped into the bloodiest sports arena on the planet. Can you drive, shoot and mutilate your way to the top?

Just say to yourself: when this is all over, I will run for congress. Keep track of all the war-crimes that are committed and try to identify how such an event was even made possible, to make sure history won't repeat itself. It's healthy to keep future goals in mind, and post-apocalyptic civilizations need trustworthy and critical leaders too. Don't let the grave situation determine your actions AND your personality.

- Transport
Although automobiles can transport small groups of people for many miles, this distancemaking is dependent of insofar gasoline can be provided for such a flight. Contrary to what certain expressions of popular culture might have you believe, it is unwise to collide with the undead, as such motoric thrusts come at the cost of the vehicle's durability.

For shorter distances, a bicycle is an arguably good solution as riding it exerts less energy than running, while at the same time still making more speed to shake off anyone who follows you.

This concludes my findings concerning the subject of surviving a zombie apocalypse. Further research within this specific theoretical/conceptual framework may be required on violence and defense[4], survivor's guilt, science philosophy[5], and the ethics of extermination based on post-existing conditions.

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