The Matrix universe is a science fiction universe created for the movie The Matrix. The series depicts a future in which Earth is dominated by sentient machines that were created early in the 21st century and rebelled against humanity. At one point, humans attempted to block out the machines' source of solar power by covering the sky in thick, stormy clouds. During this time, the machines and mankind were engaged in a massive war in which the machines ultimately emerged the victor. Having no definite source of energy, the machines devised a way to extract humans' bioelectricity and thermal energy by growing people in pods, while their minds are kept under control by cybernetic implants connecting them to a simulated reality called the Matrix.

The virtual reality world simulated by the Matrix resembles human civilization around the turn of the 21st century (this time period was chosen because it is supposedly the pinnacle of human civilization). The majority of the stories in the Matrix franchise take place in a vast unnamed megacity. This environment is practically indistinguishable from reality (although scenes set within the Matrix are presented on-screen with a bias toward the color green), and the majority of humans connected to the Matrix are unaware of its true nature. Most of the central characters in the series are able to gain superhuman abilities within the Matrix by taking advantage of their understanding of its true nature to manipulate its virtual physical laws. More:

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Apr 1, 2015

The part that bothers me about The Matrix is the machines getting their energy from the bio-electricity and thermal energy by growing humans in pods. For humans to produce any energy at all, you have to FEED them. If you factor in the energy necessary to produce the nutrients to feed the humans, the energy needed to run the enormous quantity of complex machines, AND the energy requirements of generating the simulated reality of the Matrix, each individual human would have to produce far more energy than we are capable of producing, and far more energy than we could spare from the processes that keep us alive. Building wind turbines or burning fossil fuels would be way more efficient.

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Sep 28, 2015

This is exactly the issue I identified. This is not just nit-picking. It makes the film pure science fantasy: Its basic foundation for the conflict doesn't make a lick of sense to even a scientific layman.

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Sep 28, 2015

The Matrix is a great film. It is not a good science fictional world.

The foundation of the series, that humans are batteries, is patently idiotic, and even those of us who grew up on the series could figure out why.

Good sci-fi may have some fantastic elements. Star Trek obviously has ideas that defy our present understanding of physics. But they explore those implications honestly and they try to make sure that the basic foundation is a world at least similar to ours. The Matrix's foundation for one of its fundamental themes, the way that we both control and are dependent upon machines, is based on a silly assumption.

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