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Apr 20, 2015

I believe that no vaccinations should be utterly mandatory, but exceptions should be restricted for only the most dire of reasons, such as a medical exemptions. Currently, the option to opt out of vaccinations is, as I have seen other people say, removing the power of herd immunity and is endangering those who require this herd immunity, such as those with weak immune systems, medical problems, and other health deficiencies that prevent themselves from receiving these vaccines. That said, I also recognize the idea of freedom that many people enjoy in being able to decline vaccines. I believe that, although these freedoms are very nice to have, they cannot be kept at the cost of herd immunity and the endangerment of the society.

Please tell me what you think - I am open to other arguments and opinions.

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Sep 15, 2016

I agree. Freedom of choice is great, but a society with the freedom from crippling diseases is better. Herd immunity is the single best thing humans have achieved in medicine, and this recent movement against vaccines is a slap in the face of every scientist that devoted his life to saving us from those disesases. The only exemptions should be for those who have diagnosed medical problems that would cause a vaccine to harm them significantly.

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