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Apr 10, 2015

I strongly oppose the death penalty for various reasons and it is no different in this instance. I think if murder is considered forbidden by the laws of this country, then killing a person in an instance not of self defense like with the death penalty, using state power and facilities no less, is inherently hypocritical and shows why the government should not be trusted. Also, I fail to see how this is productive at all. Shouldn't resources be put into figuring out why violence against civilians occurs in the first place. Including by the US government itself through drone strikes, instead of trying to get this phony form of "justice"? It is clearly an act of revenge to go to the death penalty more than anything and when logic and thought is used the emotional appeal of the act loses any worth it had.

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May 3, 2015

OK, then people like you should volunteer to pay the horribly high cost of keeping him alive for the rest of his life which will likely be quite long. [Only child molesters get "justice" in prison].

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