In terms of nutrition, are food-based vitamin dietary supplements better than synthetic ones?

Natural vitamins are superior There's no difference Synthetic vitamins are superior see voting resultssaving...
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User voted Natural vitamins are superior.
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Apr 2, 2015

Food-based nutrition, according to most nutritionists, appears to be far superior than any kind of supplement. Numerous studies bear that in general I don't take any supplements. I juice fresh stuff, and eat right. As a middle class U.S. citizen I am lucky to have broad-based nutrition easily available from good, locally sourced, fresh foods.

But, if I have to choose, then I'll say, that food-based vitamins are superior.

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Sep 21, 2016

I think it's rather self explanatory, the less alteration to what would naturally be put within your body, the better. Not to imply that synthetic vitamins are going to destroy your body. Just that a more natural approach is generally a safer one.

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