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Feb 8, 2017

I finally went to see, which proved quite a feat with 50 Shades viewing parties dominating *every* movie theatre enterprise (from 16:30 on, this was literally the only viewing option for the rest of the day - it is personal now). After visiting a couple of cities I finally ventured forth into the biggest, newest cinema within a 100km radius and though they too had an aforementioned-themed movie night (masks were worn and toys were sold - a stark contrast with the Batman Lego billboard booming outside, announcing today of all days as the opening night), a small cinema hall offered recluse for myself and less than a dozen bewildered men (who were not watching this movie for the first time, like I did).

My only disappointment was the hold off of disappointment. I liked the story and the acting(-style); I'm glad this movie was made, because it gives the mythical Death Star and its demise more gravity and complexity. I loved seeing Peter Cushing again.

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