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Jun 5, 2015

Another idiot bill from the idiot party.

How many terrorist attacks has the TSA prevented?

How much money has been spent to produce the above results?

So... per dollars spent for results achieved, how well is the taxpayer's money being spent in these Orwellian adventures?

Answer: Billions of dollars spent, no results, or, we're getting the same results as BEFORE we spent billions of dollars (and have inconvenienced millions of airline passengers for NO RESULTS).

Hence... if the results are the same considering that prior to the TSA and billions of dollars outlay when people carried knives onto planes and planes flew fine and people arrived at their destinations with little to no hassle, and the current results AFTER spending billions of dollars and hassling everyone, doesn't it make some sense (not a word connected to the federal government these days) to QUIT making sure airline travel gets more and restrictive? (or stays that way, depending on your view).

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