Guide: OpiWiki Meta


General info

OpiWiki Meta is a platform dedicated to OpiWiki. "Meta" means "self-referential", and so, this is a place concerned with OpiWiki – a place to share your ideas on how to improve the site, and in general, to discuss OpiWiki.

OpiWiki Meta works just like OpiWiki, except it's a separate platform.



OpiWiki Meta guidelines are similar to the OpiWiki guidelines. There are a few important differences though:

  • It's correct to not ask for opinion; any reasonable topic related to OpiWiki is allowed.
  • We're a bit less strict here. For example, a topic not necessarily must be defined and the first-person form in the topic description is more welcome (but try to avoid it for opinion-based [idea] topics).


User & account

If you have an OpiWiki account, you're automatically an OpiWiki Meta user. Basic settings, such as profile description and profile image are shared, however, your public profile and statistics are different. OpiWiki Meta is a separate platform – a user has different karma, accordance and other statistics on both platforms. The same applies to the inbox (except for private messages, which are shared).