Guide: My account


General info

To create your account, click the Be user button. Of course it's free and quick.

You don't need an account for basic activities on OpiWiki. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to have one – it makes your experience much better.



An OpiWiki username is a unique name (real name or nickname) a user chooses on the create account page. It can be almost any name;

Our goal is to make OpiWiki special. We have a few priorities (and here). One of them is to keep our discussions substantive and we believe certain usernames can be counter-productive.

That's why we don't accept vulgar/offensive usernames, usernames written with Caps Lock only (exception for short usernames), and no-name usernames; "HowAreYou", "WhatAreYouSaying", "ThisIsMyName", "ROTFL", "ILikeDogs", etc. Concluding, the username must be a name, not a statement or a question. Any name you want, keeping those few rules in mind.



To go to the managing panel, click your username (top-right, any page). You can adjust all the settings in the panel.


Public profile

An OpiWiki public profile is your personal OpiWiki page any user can view. To go to the profile, go to your managing panel and click the "Public profile" link.

There is a lot of information on the page; your statistics, talks, created topics, etc. Every user has 34 profiles, as there are 33 categories on OpiWiki + 1 which is all the categories combined. By default, the all categories profile is active. To switch the profile, click the "Profile" button.

You can adjust your profile (photo, description) in the managing panel. You can hide certain elements from being displayed on your profile in the privacy settings.



OpiWiki inbox is a place for all messages you can get: discussion or new topic notifications, creator messages, private messages, newsletters, etc.

To go to the inbox, click the "M" button to the left to your username (top-right, any page). This is the quick inbox. To see all messages, click the "Inbox" link (top-left of the quick inbox, next to the "newest messages" text).

To send a private message to a user, go to their profile and click the "send message" button.


Logging out

To log out, click the red triangle next to your username (top-right, any page).