Guide: Users


General info

One of the priorities we have is to create a unique system for our users. We want to make OpiWiki your favorite place if you aim for a substantive discussion, and if you seek for a great-people-powered website. That's why we're building an environment we believe it's worth spending your time in, on a daily basis.

The key element to promote our users are user rankings. Every user ranking is divided into categories (except for the Creator Points ranking), and additionally there's the all categories ranking. For example, there are different karma rankings for sport, politics, psychology, or music, and additionally there is the all categories combined karma ranking. Furthermore, every ranking is divided into time periods (all time, month, week, today).

If you have a great idea on how to improve the user ranking system, share it at


Karma & community accordance

Karma and community accordance are our main user rankings. Both are based on votes on user's talks (info at Help: Discussing).

Karma. A user gets:

  • 5 points for every up-vote on his talk.
  • -1 point for every down-vote.
Every user starts with karma level (points) being 10.

Community accordance is the percentage of up-votes on user's talks. Example: a user has posted x talks and they have been rated 10 times - 7 times up and 3 times down. The accordance is 70%. It's a great ranking especially for new users, as it doesn't matter how many talks a user has posted (although a minimum number is required). If your opinions are well-written and appreciated by other users, you can quickly climb to the top.

On the other hand, we believe that controversial opinions, which may not have the highest accordance, may as well make a worthwhile contribution to the discourse. That's why karma ranking is the main ranking.


Creator points

The Creator Points (CP) are based on the number of valuable contributions (new records, edits, etc.) a user has made. The higher CP level is, the higher privileges a user has. A user gets:

  • adding a new topic 25 CP
  • editing a topic 3 CP
  • adding a new tag 25 CP
  • editing a tag 10 CP
  • adding a new item 5 CP
  • editing an item 1 CP
  • adding a new rating area (and ranking) to an item 1 CP
  • editing a rating area 3 CP
  • adding or removing an item from rankings 1 CP
  • adding a new ranking 20 CP

The privileges the CP give include the possibility of making the aforementioned operations right away; usually some of them, especially the edits, require a moderator verification. There may be more CP privileges in the future. OpiWiki is a brand new website; we need some time to determine the optimal system.


Other rankings

The other rankings are all based on a single attribute: