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Jul 26, 2016

Do you think that forbid certains words, expression ways or other things is good? Personnaly not, I create this topic because a certain site (auto-censoring) said me "not vulgarities on this site!" when I desired to post an opinion where there were a vulgarity in, that I can't quote here (that's censorship!). I think that messages and comprehenssion between peoples can be really better when all words and expressions ways can be used : if I say "I'm angry!", the sentence havn't the same signification that if I say : "I'm ******* angry!", and that can be more serious misunderstandings with not every tools of comprehension. I think some peoples will say something with kids, I don't think it's a problem, when a kid discever the life, he is restrained by the rules and the conventions, if he can discover vulgarities early, he will not use them too much, if he discover it late, he will be "impressed" by the new thing he learned, like me when I have a new video game, I piss everybody with that, but something that I have for a long time ago, it's good. Now let me your thinking way and your opinion and pliz Netik don't censor me ^^"

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