Reptilians (also called reptoids, reptiloids, saurians or draconians) are purported reptilian humanoids that play a prominent role in fantasy, science fiction, ufology and conspiracy theories. The idea of reptilians on Earth was popularized by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who claims shape-shifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate our societies. Icke has claimed on multiple occasions that many of the world leaders are, or are possessed by, reptilians. [Wikipedia]

The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity documentary video.

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Mar 26, 2016


There may be some kind of intelligent extraterrestrial life somewhere in the universe that looks like or is biologically similar to reptiles. That depends on how different life is likely to be and the bounds specifically on the forms that intelligent life can take.

But the only thing that one needs to believe in order to find that the reptilian theory is not parsimonious is that human beings can be cruel to each other and tremendously self-serving.

Does anyone really, truly believe that that is not true?

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