Yes, it shows that street harassment is an issue in NYC Not really, maybe some men behave a bit inappropriately, but it's not a big issue No, I don't see anything to worry about see voting resultssaving...
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Oct 27, 2015

I don't think that particular video showed anything of any real concern, even if we lived in a world where little boys were pounded women's rights into their heads from a young age, cat calls and rapes would still occur. That's not to say that there isn't a problem in our culture concerning the sexes. I argue that women need to change their culture and openly embrace a more masculine one, men probably don't get raped as much due to the ever higher likely-hood of violence as a reaction. Men commit most murders and violent crimes after all. Which brings me to my next point, men's culture should also be able to change and embrace a more feminine one. Maybe then men wouldn't commit so many violent crimes and just plain have a higher expectancy of life overall(statistically speaking the younger years are very dangerous for men up until about 25, and even then women live on average 5 years longer). Each sex's culture needs to be much more adaptable and forgiving on children in general, girls who wish to be masculine, and boys who wish to be feminine, simple as that. This would also fix the pay gap(which is mostly based on baloney btw) as women would be pressured into higher paying jobs in a similar fashion as men are. Statistics don't lie, women just don't go for high paying jobs as much as men do, things like oil rig workers, mechanics, truck drivers, and for some reason even scientists. The only other contributing factor of the pay gap is the fact that pregnant women often can't get payed while they miss work, and nothing can help human anatomy.. besides she should have had a better job anyway so she could get payed for that time off!

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