Did Donald Trump mock Serge Kovaleski's disability?

Added Jan 15, 2017

The case of Donald Trump mimicking The New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who suffers from a joint abnormality, was recently brought back to news by Meryl Streep in her 2017 Golden Globes speech. In November 2015, Trump mocked Kovaleski[video] because of the latter's dishonesty, according to Trump, in regards to then 14-year old Washington Post article. It's been said that Trump mocked the reporter's disability, however, some people believe Trump wasn't mocking the disability, as he has mocked many people in a similar fashion.[source] Donald Trump himself denied making fun of Kovaleski’s handicap on multiple occasions.

What do you think – did Trump really mock Serge Kovaleski's disability?

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