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Mar 13, 2016

Yes, for example I have a cousin, the man is a waste of air, he stole from me, used my name to get out of jail, resulting in me have an arrest warrants issued, (he stole the mail so I wouldn't find out about the court dates), committed domestic violence and used my name, I had to go to court a number of times because of him. I'm out a lot of money in lawyer fees, lost work, and had to explain myself for the next ten years when I had a background check done (my job required a background check as well as my volunteer work with children). Oh his mother MADE him apologize to me "I'm sorry dude." That's what he said along with "I'll pay you back." Never saw a dime, then after all that, he stole a CC and when he was caught he gave them my name again before he ran off. I also found out he had used my name several other times when he was stopped by the police.

When we had a family reunion, the only question I asked was if he was going to be there, when I was told yes, I said I wouldn't. I got a LOT of heat from my family, and basically I told everyone if they tried to pressure me into going, they ALL could just stop talking to me. Only one was dumb enough to try and I no longer talk to that person. Sorry but some people don't deserve another chance.

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