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Jan 6, 2016

I believe in co-ops as being superior to most corporations, but I don't consider myself a socialist because I believe in one form of socialism. Credit unions are one example of a co-op. Another is a local/community electric co-op, owned by its consumers. Such a co-op would provide most of the profits back (profit sharing) to its consumers when payments exceeded expense.

I'd have to abstain from voting, since I don't believe it's an "either, or" question. Capitalism and socialism together create a better economy for the people, than either do alone. But I think the biggest reform that needs to occur is to eliminate the hording of wealth by corporations and rental property owners. Poverty would be pretty much eliminated if people were paid a fair wage and charged fair rent (which would be half of what most places charge). One of the problems with corporations is they create inflation in the communities they reside in. Through higher salaries, higher property value, etc. Some of these corporations will pay lower than average hourly wages, and enforce part-time hours, in order to increase profit. That's the problem. We don't want to work for corporations, for the economy. We want it to work for us. Focusing on profit sharing, rather than elevating the "1%".

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