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Nov 7, 2015

I would definitely prefer socialism, not only because it is more fair, but because capitalism sucks. The thing with capitalism is that 99% of wealth is owned by 1% of the population, and vise versa. This creates a huge gap between the wealthy and poor, thus making poverty a major issue. Socialism on the other hand has a fairly equal salary for everyone, although some people who have harder jobs make slightly more. I agree with this system because there isn't a gap between the upper and lower class and because this way, as opposed to communism, allows people who work harder to be rewarded for it.

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User voted Capitalism.
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Nov 11, 2015

I think in a normative sense many would argue in favour of a socialist system, but as all previous attempts to establish one have failed how in a realistic sense can your view be defended? I would argue that socialism is an unachievable aspiration in its purest form, and even then what was originally intended from socialism was the subsequent development of Communism.

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