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Oct 28, 2015

I decide what is shown on my screen on the computer I purchased.

From another point of view, since I have no intention of buying any products, showing me ads would be just a waste of time. And a waste of my net traffic.

I would tolerate ads better if they were less obnoxious. Most of them are annoying, cheap looking, flashy loops.

If ads were more 'user friendly' I wouldn't resort to external programs for blocking them. First of all, sites that feature ads should present us with a quick survey to choose what kinds of ads are we interested about - with an option to choose none.
For simplicity these surveys would be linked to ad providers, not sites.

When we watch an ad we should be able to vote on them with likes/dislikes. Users who enabled ads should be able to filter them by their ratings to avoid the annoying ones. After watching an ad we should be able to mark them so they won't be showed in the future any time again.

In summary ads need to be optional to watch, should be sorted/updated/removed based on user feedback and have some reward for users who watch them. Like a site letting users download data faster based on how many ads they watch/click on.

Before that happens I will continue to use adblockers.

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