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Oct 10, 2015

I wish their was a "Yes, but...." choice.

I think labeling processed foods is a modern necessity. I look at labels.

I think labeling organic produce is good, as far as it goes.

Both give the consumer the ability to make a choice.

The issue as to whether GMO foods are harmful is another political and emotional football. Based on the scientific evidence I have read, I am not convinced that any of the GMOs in our food supply are harmful. I don't necessarily think corporations are evil. Many more people would be starving around the world today if scientists had not developed hybrid crops that could endure weather changes, pests, and disease.

Still, with the fact that GMOs are a recent change in the food supply and that some corporations have been "less than forthcoming" when it comes to reporting dangerous health effects, I think it is reasonable to require such products to be labeled so the consumer has a choice. I cannot see the price being prohibitive.

I'll eat them for now, so those of you who won't can thank me for being a guinea pig.

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