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Sep 29, 2015

Talking about "the LGBTQ" community like it's a monolith is a silly proposal. Even activists advocating for LGBTQ people are not all alike. There are many very conservative LGBTQ folks, for example.

In general, the LGBTQ community is asking for the right to do things that they should have the right to do without interference or judgment. They're not asking to have anyone else not be able to adopt: They just want to be able to adopt for their own families. They're not asking for straight people to be treated like they're mentally ill: They just want their own sexual orientation to not be viewed as an insanity or perversion.

I have some issues with common LGBTQ tropes. I think, for example, that talking about sexual orientation like it is 100% genetic is a grotesquely simple model of heritability that we would never accept in any other context but have here because it was used as a Trojan Horse argument. The issue is not whether or not being gay is a "choice", as if that was a meaningful distinction: It's whether gay behavior is wrong or should be illegal. It isn't. Still, I do think that, quibbling aside, no one "chooses" their sexual orientation. While people's orientation and interests do sometimes change over the life course as we discover more about ourselves and change developmentally, the magic of attraction is precisely that it is out of our control.

But these are ultimately quibbles. I view myself as an LGBTQ ally.

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