User voted Not really, I'm often not certain.
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Jul 27, 2015

I try to remember that they are wrong. Sadly, i sometimes forget.
I know them to be wrong, i intend for them to be wrong. Just like people read a book to be right, i like to hear people saying the right things, so that i can know them.

How to make sure they are right things? Talk with more people, use common sense and reason, and as a last resort, read.

That being said, this goes for ALL of my thoughts and opinions. Beliefs are just ingrained opinions that have survived the test of time, and as such, it is harder to change them, hence my forgetfulness. now, political and social beliefs are something i don't talk about often because i admit my own lack of knowledge.

At least, politics-wise. I'm studying social sciences so i'd like to think i know something about the topic.
There's also the fact that we all dabble in the social world everyday, but not so much in the politic word, etc etc etc.

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