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Jun 22, 2015

Well first, think Banksy, the street artist whose art is popular all across the world, but has a philosophy that if company's can plaster our highways, public infrastructure, and basically every thing that has the potential to be seen my multiple people, then do people have a choice to look at it or not? Is it fair that people with money can pay to have their advertising wherever they want? The internet should be treated the same way. People should not be forced to see things "people with money" place in order to make a buck. Sure Facebook and a few other big companies make a couple bucks on advertising, but honestly, who really clicks those stupid internet ads anyway! If people (from any generation) haven't learned to avoid "click-bait" or that advertising itself influences you on a sub-conscience level, then take a communications class please. Just one class should teach you the affects of advertising and media influence and the strings they pull on each and every person. End Rant. But yeah, People should use ad-blocker if they don't want outside influence to shape their behavior.

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