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Jun 18, 2015

The truth is that the money to heal, feed, cloth, and bury the dead has to come from some place.
Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. The wealthy have legislated themselves to more and more wealth and when the time comes someone has to pay for the damage they have made on the way to the top. They system should not make a place for the corporations to safe from the responsibilities to pay for the Poverty they have created and all the people that have been effected by the corporate greed.

This bill may represent the safe place for the corporate takers to land. This is the motivation to treat people fair or pay the consequences. We all know events that made peoples lives plunge into poverty. When it comes time to pay for that maybe they will not have all they thought. The Stock Market was a way to get even for the middle class and upper class but it is rigged to make the money flow up and not down.

There is no way to make them give it back and government does not have it so all we can do is legislate that if you have it "MONEY" you must pay for the poor.

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