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Apr 3, 2015

As long as we don't use a form of Mercury as a preservative, I am a strong advocate of vaccinations. My view is based on personal experience.

My son Richard (born in 1984) got his usual shots, and was up all night crying. I rocked him the whole night trying to comfort him. When I called the doctor's office the next day, all the nurse could tell me was that this was not one of the listed side-effects. Richard went to a special pre-school for "being slow" and is now no longer with us.

My step-son Elrick had the same experience as Richard, and is severely autistic. He's 20 but has the mentality of a young child. I've researched this to some extent, and it is my great personal belief that the Mercury-based preservative was the culprit. I'm glad it's no longer used in the US and wish it would never be used anywhere in the world as a preservative for vaccines.

Other than that I am a very strong proponent of vaccinations!

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Sep 29, 2015

Mercury is not used in its toxic elemental form. It is properly bonded in a non-toxic form. It's standard practice for a reason.

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