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Feb 4, 2016

I say "Yes", but with a very, very specific meaning.

First of all: Will all of Bernie's plans ever get through?

No. Even if he rides a wave of new Democrats coming in for 2016, the fact is that there will always be enough Republicans and conservative Democrats to stymie lots of reforms. Worse, corporate lobbying, threats of capital flight, etc. will all still be at play. The likelihood that the Senate will be up for grabs in 2016 by the Democrats is quite slim.

Bernie will have to compromise. Some things will simply not be doable, even with a big mandate.

Second: How much will Bernie's plans impact long-term inequality?

Well, if they stick around, potentially quite noticeably. The issue is if they are going to be rolled back, poorly implemented and enforced, or otherwise prevented from working.

However, even Noam Chomsky, who is usually fairly pessimistic about the opportunities within the system, is backing Bernie.

Still, it is very clear to me that Bernie's policies will create massive positive externalities. Millennials may get real opportunity.

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