Why do many in the Republican base think that tax cuts increase revenue?

Added Sep 27, 2017

After the Great Depression, US federal revenue doubled each decade due to VERY ROBUST economic growth, until the 1980's and Reagan's tax cuts. Despite several years of robust growth, the numbers didn't double for the first time. They didn't double, again, in the 1990's, probably because the needed return to sane tax policy wasn't enacted at the very BEGINNING of the decade. Then came the 2000's, and growth BARELY increased AT ALL, in ten years, despite soaring debt.

Granted, inflation must be taken into account. However, it has been somewhat steady, except the end of the 70's and the early 80's. That makes those decades WORSE than the raw figures indicate, INCLUDING Reagan's time.

Sean Hannity is fond of saying that tax cuts increase revenue, even though the numbers disprove that assertion. I understand why some people think it makes sense, and don't look at the numbers. I understand that MANY are too weak in math to realize what the numbers mean exactly.

I DON'T understand how an intelligent person can look at the numbers, and not realize that Hannity is intentionally deceiving people. More: taxpolicycenter.org.