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Aug 30, 2018

In my opinion is from genetical? Programing of every born human and educational formulas in human society and many other things.
It is hard say better without deep study of all imputs that are behind.

Mens are mostly competitive and politic is some kind of competition. Mens want lead and control. Mens have in some things more tolerant or hide their true things about that situations, than womens. Woman that want be politician must have in literaly sayed "Bag with big balls". Enough strong and stable personality. Mean able have under control his hormons, that are stronger than those mens have. Must able prove itself that she can able lead.

I´m think it is good mirror when we look on Great Britain Kinkdom. Where in history sometimes lead Womens. A loot mens respect them and be prepared die for their Queen.
Another problem might be when woman have childrens and if she wants be good mother then is hard also full time rule.

I deeply respect all women that able lead and good lead. Maybe i can have more respect that womens than mens in that positions. Maybe bacause they are not that often in these positions. Maybe i rather might serve Queen than King. But still my priority is if is good or bad peson than if is Woman or Man.

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