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Jan 15, 2017

Does this same "pro life" crowd care what happens to people after they die? Maybe it's a "sin" for them to sell their organs? Maybe "god" wants these people stuck in the ground complete? Of course not - who cares - you're dead, that's it, time's up, game over - if you're in the box you really don't care.

Here's the average moral person's reasoning: planned parenthood is a concept that "goes against the teachings of god" because it allows unborn children to be killed... and god doesn't like that.

A) your god, not mine.

B) god and government - actually forbidden by the law (it's called the Constitution - look it up)

C) if you have a huge problem with unborn "children" being "murdered", do you also have a problem with governments sending people to war, with the death sentence, or with allowing another nation's people to die from disease/starvation? Think about your answer and think about commandment #4 - "thou shalt not kill"... do you see any caveats on that rule? No, you don't. You start applying that rule across the board and then we can talk about how much say you have in someone else's life.

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