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Jan 15, 2017

It's time morality steps down as the deciding factor behind "laws" and reason and logic step forward - "morality" is entirely too subjective and not universal whereas reasoned logic can be either true or false.

Has making drugs illegal stopped drugs from being available?

No - it hasn't. It's most likely had the exact opposite effect as every effort at prohibition points to; that making something illegal that people want only makes it, whatever it is, more lucrative from a supply-side aspect - in this case for both the suppliers and the law enforcement who "stop" it.

It's time all drugs were legalized and that education stepped in to take the place of punishment, although as we all know this flies in the face of the big pharmaceutical companies that stand to lose a lot of money in profits once people are no longer mandated by government what they can, and can't take.

The example is Portugal - a country that was hip deep in drug problems. They decriminalized and legalized almost all the "illegal drugs" and put their money into education and treatment rather than punishment; their "drug problem" has all but gone away.

Hence my view - we need to take the "moral" out of law - not that many of us believe in god as was once a requirement by government - and replace the outdated concept that "if we do wrong we'll be punished forever" into let's make sure the wrong choice is thought of as non-desirable.

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