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Jan 15, 2017

Trump needs to stop acting like the spoiled rich kid he is and start acting like the president of the United States. His whole petulant attitude and sulky-pouty nonsense are best left for his laughable "acting career" as the spoiled brat demeanor is detrimental to his ability to POLITIC - a very important aspect to being a government official, much less president.

Little Sideshow Donnie needs to step up to the plate and quit being the smirking carny and start thinking like a person who's now got the interests of 350 million people as his main focus, rather than how he can benefit from being "in charge". He has only one role that anyone recognizes, and that's the lord on high who says "you're fired" as if he is responsible for the last say. Unfortunately, that act won't play as president and he can either quickly go to "acting school" and learn what it means to be president in charge of people who are NOT his servants or his slaves, or he can have the entire country turn on him and hoist his ass out the door.

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